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All exams are performed by fully licensed doctors of optometry. We offer comprehensive family eye care, treating patients as young as three years-old. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to perform exams on patients that are unable to communicate by traditional verbal methods.

Dr. Farr and Dr. Patel are able to conduct exams in both English and Spanish. For patients speaking languages other than English or Spanish, interpreters are welcome but not required.

If preferred, patients using wheelchairs may transfer into the exam equipment chairs, but it is not necessary. Our office is fully set up to accommodate our patients in wheelchairs and our office is easily accessed from the mall parking lot. If you wish to rent a wheelchair while in the mall, please contact Chandler Fashion Center Guest Services at 480-786-9307, for complimentary wheelchair rental.

If you would like special accommodations or think your exam may require additional time with the staff and doctors, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Please let us know of your concerns when scheduling your appointment.

The general exam includes a glasses refraction to determine if vision correction is needed. If vision correction is recommended, the glasses prescription will be released to you and can be filled at any location for up to one year from the exam date. For your convenience, we are located inside a LensCrafters that can often make glasses in about an hour.

Our routine eye exams also include a general eye-health check that screens for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and many other diseases that affect the eye. This can also detect systemic diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and others.

We offer a more comprehensive eye health exam that includes dilation, digitized retinal photography, and automated visual field assessments for our patients that want a more thorough examination of their systemic and eye health. Due to the state-of-the-art equipment used for this exam, not all offices offer these services and many insurances do not cover these procedures. Since we believe these tests are highly useful, we offer them at a minimal fee. To make these tests more convenient, they can be performed the same day as your general exam or rescheduled for another day, and the price will not vary.

We also offer exams for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, contact lenses, diabetic eye exams, and LASER eye exams for LASER personnel. We are happy to perform exams and fill out the necessary paperwork for driver’s license requirements, boxing commission requirements, military and peace corps requirements, and patients taking Plaquenil or other medications that can affect the eye.






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